Saturday, February 9, 2013

Full screen Turbo C in Windows 7,8 & Vista 32 and 64 bits (version 2.0)

Download the software Setup_TurboC_7_v2.0.rar  [Click Here]

Double click on the file "Setup_TurboC_7_v2.0.rar" which you downloaded,
open with winrar [or extract it] and install "Setup_TurboC_7_v2.0.exe"........

now you can run Turbo C in full screen any time
just click on desktop icon "TurboC 7"........
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Comparison between other methods of "Run Full screen Turbo C in Windows 7"
Other method i.e. available on net are based on DosBox and this software is also based on DosBox 0.74 [Thanks to the makers of DosBox] but this software have some advantage-----

-Automatic (no need to read and apply complicated tutorial to run C in full screen) 
-no need to write commands on DosBox every time-solved problem of "DosBox window close" when compile C programs with "ctrl+f9"
-solved resolution problem in PC 
-solved the problem of DosBox hangs on full screen in some PC
-no black screen problem in Starter & Home Basic version of windows

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