Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Move and Copy Files in Schedule time : PC Trick

Recently, an issue developed at our company where it was necessary to move a set of files from one folder to another at a specified time in the day. Moving or copying files is quite easy, but I never had to perform this type of operation on a schedule before. Luckily, if you’re in need of a program that can help you transfer files to another computer at predefined time intervals, then you’re in luck.
So you might be wondering how this could possibly be useful for you? Well, here’s a couple of reasons you might want to use it:

1. Automatic backup of files in a specified folder at predefined times

2. Automatic move/copy of files from a local computer to a network device

3. Automatic moving of peer-to-peer downloaded files to a external backup device, i.e. Bearshare, Kaaza

FileMove Lite ...( DOWNLOAD HERE ) is a freeware application that works perfectly for this type of situation. Using FileMove, you can move and copy files to a local or network destination and the program will automatically overwrite existing files (no need to worry about Windows “Do you want to overwrite?” prompts) and check if there is enough free space.

Functions :
  • File copy
  • File moving
  • Define able time interval for file actions.
  • Overwrites existing files when the overwrite checkbox is checked.
  • Log-View
  • Checks free disk space
 System Requirements :

 Windows 98, ME, 2000 or X

The program is very easy to use and works really well. Simply choose your Source folder, Destination folder, pick an interval, choose whether you want to move or copy the files, check to overwrite files and log the entire process.
The program also comes in two more flavors, SE
and Pro, which have more features such as the deleting and compressing, moving/copying by extension, file size, file time, filename, etc, multiple moving and copying of objects, and renaming options.
Overall, a nifty little free app that you can use to automate some backups or to simply automate the moving and copying of files that you do on a regular basis.

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