Monday, January 14, 2013

GTA Vice City ANDROID Cheats+Instructions

Grand Theft Auto Android cheats and How to do it with full is easy to use and no need any root access.
1)Install Gamekeyboard Download From Here GAMEKEYBOARD APK File
2)Open Gamekeyboard and exit it
3)Now Open GTA3 and open Gamekeyboard from RECENT APPS.
4)In Gamekeyboard Press last option(Exit and open Keyboard) and keyboard will popup,now input cheats and Enjoy.

Cheat Cods are here:
aspirine -                             Max health
canttakeitanymore -            Suicide
thugstools -                        Thug Weapons
professionaltools -              Professional weapons
nuttertools -                        Heavy weapons
preciousprotection -            Full armor
youwon'ttakemealive -        Increase wanted level
leavemealone -                   Decrease wanted level

Panzer -                              Tank
Kangaroo-                               High Jump

if you do not have a game then you can download it from here GTA Vice City Download Link

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