Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Am Vegend Zombiegeddon Full APK Android Game

I Am Vegend zombiegeddon is a tower defense game and available free in the google play, Graphics of this game is nice and gameplay is awesome,this game only available for armv7 devices.zombies are coming and you have to shoot them using flower heroes,vegetable heroes its kinda pretty fun. You can make this game FULL VERSION by using titanium backup file.

• 11 superfighters, each with a unique fighting style (and potential for development!)
• A host of enemies endowed with various abilities (any resemblance to famous persons is entirely coincidental :)
• 45 fascinating missions: base defense, hostage rescue, carpet bombing, etc. (we won't leek [gettit?] any more secrets for fear of spoiling your pleasure!)
• Elementary controls – you shoot where you tap!
• And if that doesn’t fill your boots - for afters we got screwby bonuses and SUPER BOSSES!

NOTE : Install APK and Using Titanium backup Restore Data only. 

Download APK File:

DATA File:

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